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~cant you see ive got to live my life the way i feel is right for me~

i believe this is heaven to no one else but me... would you try to understand it

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Birthdate:Dec 8
Location:Florida, United States of America
hiya! i'm Robin. i live in south florida near ft. lauderdale. ive lived here for most of my life with the exception of the first four years of my existence in new york and while i was away for college in gainesville. go gators! i have a wonderful husband named Nicolas. we enjoy spending time together, watching football and lots of tv shows, as well as other things like traveling, playing video games on our wii, ps3 and WoW.

i usually consider myself to be a happy and cheeful person. i am almost always focused on trying to stay positive even when i feel like things are trying to bring me down. i am friendly and easy to get along with and i try to be there when people need me.

there are many things i enjoy. i love spending time with family & friends. i am very passionate about music. i watch wayyy too much tv. but i cant live without some shows. i love to travel. one day i want to see the world. i also very much enjoy photgraphy. i probably shouldve tried to do that professionally, but it is definitely a hobby.


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thanks, Ossie!!!! [personal profile] ossie =)

thanks, Angela!!!! [profile] wrecked_heart =)

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thanks, Kelly!!!! [profile] edwardsvamplove =)

these i actually made myself:


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